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  • Rendering

    While rendering voxels appears easy at a glance ("they're just cubes!"), there are actually many, many, trade-offs one has to take into account, mainly depending on the intended visual style and scale of the individual voxels.

  • Face Pulling
    Taking vertex pulling to it's conclusion by streaming ONLY face-data.
  • Vertex Pulling
    Manual vertex streaming for improved memory usage and bandwidth.
  • Raytracing

    Rendering images via raycasting, be it on the CPU or GPU, is a powerful method, especially when it comes to voxels.

  • Signed Distance Fields
    A N-dimensional field where at every point the distance to the closest surface is known.
  • Vertex Packing
    Manually bit-packing data into vertices for improved memory usage and bandwidth.
  • OpenGL API
    Classic hardware accelerated rendering API.
  • Vulkan API
    Modern hardware accelerated rendering API.